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The All in one tool for lead generation, website building and client closing built into the cloud. Grow your digital agency with our lead generation and client closing tools, build websites with AI and much more.

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Features of Mystic Leads

Get access to thousands of verified prospects with phone numbers from any region in the world and close them with our AI tools.

Generate Untapped Leads

High quality leads can easily be searched for in the dashboard ready to be contacted

Create reports and find their painpoints

Generate a pdf report consisting of an SEO audit of their website/facebook url and further painpoints you can use to solve their problems.

Contact the business owners with AI

Write High converting personalised emails with AI that highlight their painpoint and struggles. Let them know you've done your homework.

Build websites with AI

Instant drag and drop website builder with pre made components for you. Use AI to build your own components.

SEO Reports

Entire performance reports with speed and SEO enhancement reports included. Optimise your site with our suite of tools.

AI Writer

From Facebook Posts to Twitter Threads or Cold Emails for your saved prospects. Do it all with mystic leads!

New Mystic Leads 2.0

Lead Generation ForDigital Agencies

Mystic Leads allows you to get high quality leads from credible sources like google or yelp and close them with our suite of AI tools


Generate Untapped Leads, Build websites

Does it all. Does it well


SEO Reports, AI writting

Full performance reports and personalised AI emails

Build Websites Within Minutes

AI Drag and Drop Website Builder

Use hundreds of pre made components to build your website or simply use your own. Stay equipped with the latest technologies for your digital agency.

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Search Qualified Leads

Qualified Leads generated from credible sources such as Yelp and Google. Uses AI to give you the best results always.

Store those high quality leads and export them to excel. Our platform allows you to mass generate and mass export high quality leads for any keyword and location.

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Use the power of Mystic Leads to generate clients for your business,reach out to them via personalised cold dms and much more. Free for a limited period only.


What Users Say

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Justin Hillsburg

Owns a media agency

Justin Hillsburg

I started using mystic leads 2 months ago and everything is so smooth. The best part was I can now export unlimited phone numbers and other details from this platform to our system.

Harrison Stevens

Founder UpflowMedia

Harrison Stevens

I used to pay hundreds of dollars every month for these website builder tools including hosting. Using mystic leads eliminated costs drastically.

Saswat Singh

Founder singhwebdesign.in

Saswat Singh

I use mystic leads to find phone numbers for my prospects and build websites instantly. Its surely a time saver.


Frequently AskedQuestions

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It means you can generate components and build websites with just a few AI prompts. Drag and drop them to your workarea and then export your websites.


Simple Pricing

We offer flexible pricing and a 1 day free trial to make sure you love it before you buy. Start For Free Now.


$0 /month

Basic Pack

To Test Around And Know more

  • 1 day free trial
  • Unlimited lead export
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited SEO audits

$37 /month

Gold Pack

For All your day to day needs

  • Unlimited AI writing tools
  • Unlimited lead export
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited SEO audits
  • Support included

$99 /month

Organisation Pack

For large agencies with higher needs and access to support

  • Unlimited AI writing tools
  • Unlimited lead export
  • Unlimited websites
  • Unlimited SEO audits
  • Human Support included(24/7)